About Founder

The origin of Sampada Group can be traced back to the fag-end of the last century when Shri Diwakar Sharma, then a Class-I government officer, took up the cause of providing dwelling units to government employees and to other middle class segments.

At that point of time, Shri Diwakar Sharma and his wife, both government officials had completed approximately twenty years of service but did not have their own house in NCR and were paying huge rent for their living. In this background, Shri Diwakar Sharma took up a cause of finding ways and means to provide homes to government employees and other middle class families.

On carefully studying all available options and discussing the matter with other people who were in the same position, Shri Diwakar Sharma came to the conclusion that the best way to carry on this mission of providing dwelling units to these categories was by forming cooperative/welfare housing societies/organizations. Shri Diwakar Sharma during the period 1999-2002 formed four group housing societies/organizations.

By his steadfast commitment and devotion, Shri Diwakar Sharma ensured that land is allotted to all these societies in NCR, preferably in NOIDA and Gurgaon. By his efforts, duly supported by other members of the management and hundreds of members, he ensured the allotment of land to these cooperative societies/welfare housing organizations in NOIDA and Gurgaon in prime sectors such as Sectors-62, 44 and 50 in NOIDA and Sector-56 in Gurgaon. These are the sectors where acquiring a home today by a middle class family is just beyond imagination. However, due to the sheer determination and commitment of Shri Diwakar Sharma, approximately one thousand families are proud owners of their dream homes in these sectors.

Shri Diwakar Sharma, in his individual capacity is accredited with completing four group housing projects namely “Jagdambe Apartments”, Sector-62, NOIDA, “Kartik Kunj”, Sector-44, NOIDA, “Shubhkamna Apartments”, Sector-50, NOIDA and “Vigyan Vihar”, Sector-56, Gurgaon.

Not only this, Shri Diwakar Sharma assisted his friends in other group housing societies by way of providing his expertise, knowledge and excellent values and thereby helping them in completing these projects namely “Shramdeep Apartments”, Sector-62, NOIDA, “Sagar Apartment”, Sector-62, NOIDA, “Sagar Presidency”, Sector-50, NOIDA and “Overseas Apartments”, Sector-50, NOIDA. Hence, it goes to the credit of Shri Diwakar Sharma that during the last decade he completed successfully eight group housing projects in NOIDA and Gurgaon. Four of which were by his direct involvement and four others by providing consultancy and guidance.

Due to change in policies of government, land is no more being allotted to the cooperative group housing societies/organizations. Committed as he is to provide dwelling units to government employees and other middle class families, Shri Diwakar Sharma had all along been carrying the desire to launch a builders’ project wherein all ingredients of cooperative societies are introduced and implemented.

With this background, although still associated with another group, Shri Diwakar Sharma decided to carve out his own sphere whereby good quality and affordable homes are provided to middle class families where they will have their say in deciding the quality and features of their homes. Shri Diwakar Sharma also has the vision for participation by all home buyers whom he prefers addressing as members and to carry out the construction in a transparent manner. With these objectives in mind and to convert his vision into reality Shri Diwakar Sharma decided to bring into existence Sampada Group.

Here lies the motivating force which has brought Sampada Group into existence and Sampada Livia is the first housing project of the Group based on these principles.